The US politics fascination

How fascinating are the US presidential elections? We all, lovers of politics, have followed the United States election campaigns.

Elections, it is well to emphasize it, of which we know every detail, in some cases even better than of election campaigns of our homeland. We owe that to communication that crosses national borders and to TV series like The West Wing, which is real American political handbooks.

The campaign for presidential 2020, of course, It’s the strangest in history: the debate between the candidates it was the ugliest ever; the COVID-19 pandemic reduced movement and meetings: Democrats have experienced a new way of organizing the convention, online and with a more massive interaction on social networks; the American citizens take an active part in the vote.

This was also the first election campaign where the themes of human existence, of mutual respect, of economic growth, of the significance of Republic, have marked a clear separation between the two candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Trump aloof, arrogant, irresponsible to the limit of the social dangerousness (his campaign rallies in which the people are invited almost to do not wear protective masks), clearly incompetent, he is, and he wants to be, the President for himself. Biden careful, fatherly, he brought back in the public eye the themes of healthcare and welfare, his political experience is evident (although not always clearly manifested), he wants to be, and he can be, the President of The United States of America.

If there had not been the COVID-19 probably, as Marco Damilano editor of L’Espresso said during the broadcast Propaganda Live, on this side of the Ocean we were going to talk only about the US presidential election. But we are here, November 3 is Election Day, and the election campaign show stops. It is the election results showtime, of course, then also one for the President-elect, until the presidential oath in January 2021.

About the election results, there are still some undecided voters, and this is my new forecasting elections (here too, I used the map format of Real Clear Politics)

It is no secret that I support Joe Biden President, that I support his initiatives online, that I share his messages. And for that reason, I believe that it is important not to stop in the election campaign until the ballot box closes. In some States, the result is still uncertain, and the risk to the United States and the whole World is that Trump, the current President unfortunately, is still in charge.

A huge risk for all because can be turn into the boomerang of the civil death of other Countries, in which there are the symptoms of racism and political and social incivility, like Italy.

The only possibility to prevent this risk is that there is a substantial change to the White House and that this change is Joe Biden.

So, invite your American friends to vote for Biden!

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