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In less than two months the United States is preparing to elect their new (I am hoping) Commander in Chief.
The election campaign was, and it is, one of the weirdest and complex of recent times, an explosive mix among factors unconnected each conceptually, but united into appear.

One factor is the COVID-19 pandemic, which stopped meetings, exchanges of views in presence, contact with people. I confess you that, for me, the true appeal of electoral campaigns it’s all there: if you don’t do it for people, to meet them, to give them answers, to take advice and criticism, to write together about the future, What do you do it for? Here it would look good an exceptionally long sigh with a simultaneous shaking of the head.
Will not digress. Let us get back to the factors of an explosive mix of the American presidential campaign.

The last factor to highlight has been the bizarre presence of the current President: raucous, tacky, disinclined to protect the citizens and public affairs: yes I know, He’s been like that since he’s in charge. But at this time has shown that he be not suitable for that big job.
He is not able to take care of his citizens both in relation to health and in relation to the rights. He has proved incapacity for planning and managing, he has not proved seriousness and poise.
With that I don’t want to offend the Americans who voted him: he introduced himself well, represented the new politician in its own way, and who voted him chose the least bad in their own eyes (and I am a Hillary Clinton fan, to be clear). Moreover, can I, Italian, give lessons of choice of political leaders to anyone? That is right. Let us move on, that it is better.

Complicated electoral campaign, we were saying. Result uncertain because of the accidental trends (except one) that have arisen during its course. Fixed point, although it is “alternative” this year, is the Republican Party and Democratic Party national convention that is the moment that highlights the commitment of the party’s base, that celebrates the contribution of every member or friend of the cause, that emphasizes the importance of to choose Presidential Candidate. Alternative conventions because made far from people.

Obviously never like in this election, the differences were so marked between the two parties, the stylistic choices so dissonant. By taking part in both conventions, the uncertain people should consider voting and vote Democratic. And I will explain to you why starting from a summary: The Republicans addressed to the belly of the country, the Democrats addressed to the heart and mind of the country.
Let us start the story.

The RNC (Republican National Convention), online just for broadcast but attending in presence to the event, was the classic, sad and self-referential one-man show. It’s okay that Donald Trump is the President-in-Office, it’s okay that if he runs for a reconfirmation one must speak of his presidency, but emphasize his person and not his role by using and abusing among other things of the symbols of the Nation, this has something wrong.
During the 4 nights, the symbol of President Lincoln has been misused showing at intervals his monument, for an instant they showed the Preamble to the Constitution “We the people …” by failing to underline the meaning, has been abused the presidential seal behind which even spoke Trump family member, and finally, but not for this less serious, the White House has been used as a stage for the Trump show.
Start the election campaign by the White House establish there a national convention of one of the two political parties, I don’t know if it’s prohibited by some norm (I will look into), but certainly, I think it’s prohibited by common sense and by tastefulness. I think that to deprive many of the “House” to deliver it to the few, it has been an act of the offense towards American people: an illegal occupation long-term.
In addition, this occupation has not even been composed and respectful towards those affected hard by COVID-19, because there was no social distancing, no personal protection. It has been a reckless private party, tending to abusive, in a Public House, in a res publica.
If we think that Donald Trump always found an excuse for to leave that House to travel to in one of his house, considered more suitable to his person, makes you smile (bitterly) that he wanted to organize the convention of “his” republicans just at the White House. All those people there, between garden and lawn, got me to thinking of a bunch of buses around the city to pick up people by participating in a free trip in Washington, including food, beverage, music, and fireworks.
Side note: I will try to find out if this show has cost something to citizens.

The DNC (Democratic National Convention) used the online format presented in each of the four evenings by a woman, known to the public, socially and politically engaged, which introduced the single moments of the convention.
Even Democrats have used the Preamble to the Constitution “We the people …”, but they have dedicated it to the people: they have made an in-depth analysis of people and for people. The United States of America in their entirety have been the only symbol always present.
This convention has been the democratic convention that expressed his presidential candidate, Joe Biden, and has not been another one-man show. In fact, to be honest, in the three-night, Joe Biden was perceived as a paternal presence but not invasive, he respected the roles; only in the last night when he talked about his vision for the United States, he has been present clearly as the leader, the commander.
The important contribution of Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, e of the first woman candidate for the Presidency of the United States, Secretary Hillary Clinton, has been enriched by no less important contributions of representatives of States and Cities, as well as by numerous contributions of citizens who recounted their own experiences: it has not been demagogic and populist propaganda, it has been the pure sentiment of nationhood.
Intense and moving moments were not missed made of important stories, of life, followed by moments of high politics.
Also, at any time of the four-night, whenever there were meet in presence, everyone, and I emphasize everyone, have kept the social distancing, and have used personal protection. I think this fact could summarize the sense of the Democratic Convention and the sense of the choice presidential candidate Joe Biden: first of all, respect towards those who suffer and have suffered, first of all, respect towards the neighbor, towards the People.
I have to be honest, I appreciated this convention more of those of the last editions.

In conclusion, the republicans of Trump speak to the belly of the country, the Democrats speak to the heart and mind of the country. Donald Trump abused his status and the res publica, Joe Biden emphasized what the Nation needs and his way of conceiving the government.

Trump is to one man as Biden is to one Nation.

I wouldn’t have doubts about who to choose.

Dreamer | Slash worker: project supervisor, project manager, independent photographer, consultant | UpNõu OÜ Founder.

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