Scandal: political influence and leadership of women. The impact of political television dramas on political debate.

With this image, I wanted to stand for the scandal of the natural presence of women in politics, between strategy and palaces of power, history, and television.

Recently, I focused my attention on how entertainment television shows women in politics, on how the media describe politics and the politicians, and how it affects our opinions and political trends at the time of the vote. I made a research of it and a degree thesis for the course in Political Science and International Relations (you can read my experience of go back to the books here / in Italian with translations)

How fascinating are the US presidential elections? We all, lovers of politics, have followed the United States election campaigns.

Elections, it is well to emphasize it, of which we know every detail, in some cases even better than of election campaigns of our homeland. We owe that to communication that crosses national borders and to TV series like The West Wing, which is real American political handbooks.

The campaign for presidential 2020, of course, It’s the strangest in history: the debate between the candidates it was the ugliest ever; the COVID-19 pandemic reduced movement and meetings: Democrats have experienced a…

The Election Day approaching it is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Closed the first debate, the two candidates, Mister Joe Biden and Mister Donald Trump, have both launched attacks for the last votes and to gain the undecideds.

The first debate has been catastrophic, for people, for electors of both parties but also politics in general. President Trump tried to instigate a fight all the time. But despite this, former Vice President Joe Biden managed to highlight some relevant issues and to cause difficulties for “a liar and a racist” opponent. …

In less than two months the United States is preparing to elect their new (I am hoping) Commander in Chief.
The election campaign was, and it is, one of the weirdest and complex of recent times, an explosive mix among factors unconnected each conceptually, but united into appear.

One factor is the COVID-19 pandemic, which stopped meetings, exchanges of views in presence, contact with people. I confess you that, for me, the true appeal of electoral campaigns it’s all there: if you don’t do it for people, to meet them, to give them answers, to take advice and criticism, to…

Cetti Lipari

Dreamer | Slash worker: project supervisor, project manager, independent photographer, consultant | UpNõu OÜ Founder.

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